Transit-Oriented Communities: The Formula to Increase Your Bottom Line?

January 22, 2014

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Talk to shopkeepers, real estate brokers, developers and owners, and you’ll see: right now, the retail world is brimming with optimism. Their enthusiasm was obvious at the recent ICSC New York National Conference, where nearly 8,000 industry leaders flocked to hear what deal makers had to say on the emerging trends in the retail landscape. Much of that buzz seemed to center around new transit-oriented communities that bring in the foot traffic, which is why the brand new Wyandanch Village is holding so much appeal. We’re finding that with the economy picking up, there is renewed interest in real estate, with a focus on value. Still, retailers are more discerning…

Business Is Better in The Village

November 7, 2013

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Ask savvy entrepreneurs about where to open a neighborhood business, and chances are they will recite these three words: “location, location, location.” And the more vibrant the location, the better. That means, ideally, a locale that generates lots of foot traffic throughout the day. A place where people naturally congregate, whether bringing children to the local park, running an errand or simply passing by on the way home from work. In the best case scenario, this customer base lives in close proximity to – perhaps even in the same building as – their favorite shops, the daycare their children attend, and maybe even their place of employment. This is the…

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